Spending a lot of money on your nonprofit technology…and you’re not sure if it’s helping your organization grow?
It’s time to tame your tech! Discover the proven ways to get a return on your Nonprofit Technology Investment!

Does this sound familiar?

You’re spending a lot of time, money, and brain power on your nonprofit systems – things like:

    • CRM or Database
    • Online Donations System
    • Email Marketing Tool
    • Event Registration Platform
    • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising System

But just bringing technology into our organizations isn’t enough!

At some point, most of us have asked the question, “What’s the return on investment for all of this stuff?”.

Using these tools effectively takes planning. If you’re looking at your technology budget and wondering whether you’re getting your money’s worth, my new eBook is just for you!

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Tips to improve
user adoption


Simple ways to
increase collaboration


Steps to level up your
data use


Easy method to deal with
technology issues
when they pop up

Meet Maureen, the Nonprofit Accidental Techie’s BFF

Helping nonprofits make good decisions about their technology for almost 20 years!

After working inside a nonprofit organization for 17 years, in 2008 I made the leap into the consulting world to help more do-gooders tame their nonprofit tech.

From the very first days of nonprofit websites and email, I’ve experienced the same highs and lows that you and your team deal with on the daily. System glitches. Data Silos. Expensive stuff that doesn’t work like the salesperson said it would. Folks inside your organization who resist change.

Let’s simplify things.

It seemed so easy when you first started bringing these tools into your nonprofit. After all these years, the complexity has continued to grow. Now you’ve got the sneaking suspicion that things are at least a little bit out of control. But you’re in way over your head. That’s where I can help.

No matter which systems you’re using, there’s a better way to manage them. And I’ll show you how!

Not formally trained? Neither are they!
Maureen’s guidance worked for them:

“Working with Maureen has made the process of dealing with our technology both rewarding and enjoyable. Having her expertise and guidance all the way through this project has made a world of difference to our success as an organization and as nonprofit professionals. ”

-Hannah Smith,
Legal Services for Children

“Maureen really knows how to navigate system selection while working with a complex set of requirements and stakeholders. She asked the right questions of and ensured that we together were asking the right questions of our stakeholders and vendor partners.”

-Joseph Schuchter,
San Francisco Boys & Girls Club

“Maureen is an absolute pleasure to work with! Her upbeat, positive attitude made addressing our technology issues painless and easy. It was really helpful to have Maureen coordinating meetings with our vendors and facilitating internal discussions. I highly recommend Maureen — she is a pro when it comes to nonprofit technology! “

-Christina Schnoor,

Get the results you always wanted!

Don’t wait another day to deal with your nonprofit tech! The best time to maximize your return on investment is RIGHT NOW. Grab your eBook and worksheets and get started today!

This is the best $30 you’ll spend all year!


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It’s possible to tame your nonprofit tech!