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  • Looking for a new CRM for your nonprofit organization? About to move into something new? I’ve partnered with fine folks at EveryAction and Raise Heck to produce a guide that will help you conduct a solid, strategic search – and prepare your team for a smooth migration. Grab it.
  • Newsflash: Technology needs governance. It’s true – keeping your overall tech ecosystem doesn’t just happen by itself. You’ve got to form a cross-functional team and meet regularly to celebrate successes and deal with glitches. My latest blog post can help you make it happen. Read the post.

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So! Many! Nonprofit! Database! Questions!

So! Many! Nonprofit! Database! Questions!

I recently held an ‘Ask the Expert’ session with TechSoup – and wow! The questions flew in so fast and furiously that I wasn’t able to get to them all – so I put the answers in this blog post!

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It’s Gotten Complicated

Your organization has multiple tools, platforms, and systems. It’s time to get your arms around it all and make your technology work for you. 

Software Evaluation & Selection
Strategic Technology Planning
Business Process Improvements
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Nonprofit Technology Projects Should Be Awesome

“Your suggestion of proposal/contract software rocked our world — we’re digging in to investigate it.  Thank you for talking today.  It was hugely helpful.”

– Barb Wilder-Smith, General Manager & Director of Content Development, Tools of the Mind

“Just wanted to say thank you again for an excellent meeting today! We all left the meeting feeling both energized and excited about the upcoming project – most of all, I think we’re all feeling much more confident about our ability to make this happen, and we are grateful for your thoughtful guidance.”

– Jim Palma, Executive Director, Target Cancer Foundation

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