Work With Me

Let’s Tame Your Nonprofit Tech

You may be struggling to manage outdated systems, or perhaps you just finished an implementation and things aren’t running as smoothly as you expected. Perhaps you’re having trouble picking a new CRM, or you’re overwhelmed because you’re managing a technical project with no training. No matter what your situation is, I’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for.

Software Evaluation & Selection

There are SO MANY different systems for nonprofits – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I can help you identify what’s really important to your organization and help you find the right new platform.

Strategic Technology Planning

Your to do list: Create a strategic digital engagement plan, address governance issues, and prepare the tech budget for next fiscal year. Don’t rely on guesses and sheer luck. Let’s work together and do it right.

Business Process Improvement

When your software and systems aren’t working correctly, it can be hard to figure out the root cause. I’ll put my detective hat on and uncover what’s really going on and give you jargon-free options for addressing them.

Workshops & Training

I love helping nonprofit accidental techies do their jobs better. Whether it’s facilitating a retreat or presenting custom workshops and conference sessions, attendees will experience a fun and transformational experience.

Need help right away?


“You’re my favorite consultant, like, ever!”

– Jeanne McCabe, Senior Digital Producer, Center for Reproductive Rights

“Thank you for all the great advice you gave me on our database search. Your insight and understanding of all that it will entail as we move along is amazing, and I’m so glad to have you on my side!”

– Jean Doliber Director of Development, REACH


How much does it cost to work with you?

Because nonprofits are a thrifty bunch, it can be challenging to find affordable, high-quality help. I’m a careful steward of your investment – no padding here. Project costs can vary, depending on what we’re doing together (and how much you can do on your own with some guidance). After we chat about your situation during the free consult, I’ll craft an estimate. We’ll refine that together, and you’ll end up buying only the services you need.

What if I’m not sure exactly what kind of help I need?

This is very common for nonprofit accidental techies! The free consult is a great way for you to lay out everything that’s going on around your systems, staff, and organizational goals. Sometimes the free consult uncovers a need for services that I don’t provide (like data clean up). I have a nation-wide network of agencies and consultants that I trust.  I’m happy to make introductions and you can take it from there.

How do I book you for a speaking event?

It’s easy and painless! Just contact me and I’ll be in touch within a day or two. We’ll talk about your event, audience, and goals. I’ll send you a detailed agenda, along with written copy to use in marketing or with your staff. Sessions can be held in person or remotely via Zoom. No matter the topic, I guarantee that your attendees will leave the experience feeling inspired, educated, and entertained.

We’re a distributed team – can you work with us?

I’ve been a 100% remote worker for more than ten years, so I’m very comfortable with the virtual model. Physical distance won’t prevent us from quickly building trust and developing a strong working relationship. From meeting facilitation to detailed planning to sharing documents – you won’t really notice that I’m not sitting next to you! And if you want me sitting next to you, I’m happy to travel to your offices for in person sessions.