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“Maureen has an amazing ability to direct truly inclusive technical conversations (even with self-admitted “non techies”).  She was able to anticipate the reservations people had about our project, and led the team through co-creating a realistic plan.  Everyone was able to contribute to a successful project outcome.”

Jimmy Cudzilo

Director of Applications & Data Solutions, Miami Country Day School

Got the RFP Blues? 3 Tips for Dramatic Improvement!

Mention the term “RFP” and you’ll hear lots of passionate opinions. Some nonprofit folks love ’em, while others think they’re a big waste of time. You hold the keys to making the RFP process work – get tips here!


Seventeen Years Inside an Organization

My career path brought me into my first nonprofit job at Planned Parenthood of Connecticut back in 1991, and hooked me on nonprofits for life.  When the first wave of business technology burst on the scene in the early 90s, I was entranced.  Many hours of self-directed learning time were spent figuring things out on my own, and then teaching others. As the resident accidental techie in my organization, I was an innovator.  I also woke up in a cold sweat, worrying that I would make a mistake that might bring problems to my organization (or worse, my own career).  I was making it up as I went along, because there were no trusted resources for me to turn to.

Ten Years Serving Nonprofit Clients

In late 2007, I joined several business partners and opened the doors to Firefly Partners – a strategic digital marketing agency for nonprofits.  As Vice President, I created the initial systems, processes and client-focused culture, and directed a team of twenty designers, developers and strategists to deliver websites, campaign strategies, and optimization services on dozens of platforms. I can show you a better way  to prepare for and use technology.

I’m ready to personally help you and your team prepare for your technology projects and get the best out of the systems you are using.  Imagine the relief you’ll feel when you’ve got a wingman by your side, translating the jargon, sharing best practices, and giving you context to make the right decisions.