Strategic technology planning

Strategic Technology Planning

Email marketing, event management, online fundraising, Peer-to-Peer, and social media must all work together if you’re going to reach your engagement goals. I’ve got easy processes to make your systems into a powerful tool to reach supporters and grow your organization.

You might need this if…

You’re spending a ton on systems and software but aren’t sure what it’s doing for you
People add new software without having a plan for using it effectively
You have big digital engagement goals and are struggling to reach them
You’ve got no idea how much you should be paying for your tech

Let’s Work Together

“Maureen’s a delight to work with. And a lifesaver! She’s expert at boiling a tangled project down to the key components, focusing on what’s important, and keeping everyone on task. We wouldn’t have made it through our database project if not for her.”

– Tamar Lewis, Director of Operations, Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action

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