Software Evaluation
& Selection

Software Evaluation & Selection

It happens every day. A smart, well-meaning nonprofit staff person sets out to find a new system for their organization. By the end of their search process, one of three things happens:
• They buy the first product they see
• They spend a year looking with no end in sight
• They give up quickly and live with a broken system

You might need this if…

Your current database, email marketing tool, or fundraising system isn’t working well
You aren’t really sure what you need a new system to do
You are overwhelmed by the sales process
You need a trusted, unbiased advisor to help you make the right choice

Technology Projects Can Be Fun

“Maureen is an absolute pleasure to work with! Her upbeat, positive attitude made choosing a new CRM painless and easy. She kept us on schedule from start to finish, and it was really helpful to have Maureen assist with coordinating meetings and demos with vendors. I highly recommend Maureen — she is a pro when it comes to nonprofit technology!”

– Christina Schnoor, Director of Online Fundraising, Anera

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