Managing a nonprofit technology project is no joke. There’s usually a lot on the line – sometimes even your very job!

Have I gotten your attention? Good. Because when you’re the leader, keeping it all running (basically) smoothly is your responsibility. Even if you are the most type A person on the planet, the other members of the team probably aren’t.

Enter a whole bunch of spiffy project management tools to save the day!

There are a lot of different PM tools to choose from, so I’ve served up a quick look at the top eight in this helpful Facebook Live session!

Start your next nonprofit tech project off on the right foot with a little pre-planning, clear agreements, and the project management tool of your choice. Be patient with yourself and your team as you get familiar with this new way of working. Learning curves are real, so give it a month or two before deciding whether the PM tool is a good fit.

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Your Turn!

We wanna know – have you fallen in love with a PM tool? Got tips to help with adoption? Share with the Nonprofit Accidental Techie community in the comments below!