Annie is the marketing manager for an arts and culture nonprofit organization. She spent months looking at different options for a new database that could manage their fundraising, ticket sales, special events, and gift shop sales. But once she’d looked at three potential products, she was feeling like everything was starting to blur together.

I can relate – I run the product demo cycle for my clients. Some weeks I spend up to 6 hours on software and database demo meetings. Jealous much?

But all of these hours with different companies have given me the secrets to getting the most out of a demo.  If you’re about to see some systems in action, I know you’ll get a ton of useful info out of this Facebook Live session!


Like I told Annie, some of the responsibility for getting a great demo is on you! And if you’re looking at Salesforce, be sure to bring an implementation partner into the mix sooner rather than later.

Not sure which software platforms to demo? I can help you find the right mix. Get in touch!

Your Turn!

Have you seen a product demo that just blew your socks off? We all need to be inspired by your story! Share it in the comments below!