Unless you’ve been in a social media blackout, you’ve heard about the phenomenon that is Facebook Fundraising. Lots of nonprofit organizations have been using this channel to raise a ton of support for their missions. Doing this right takes time, and sometimes a monetary investment.

But in all the excitement of this new tool, I’m seeing nonprofit accidental techies forget about something that’s even more important. And that’s your home page.

Yes, your little old homepage. It’s critical to getting online donations for some key reasons:

  • It usually gets more visits than Facebook.
  • Search results will usually link to your website.
  • You own it.

In this Facebook live session, I run through five key strategic changes you need to make to optimize your homepage for increased donations. Let’s get ready for more online fundraising!

Sure, no one is going to turn away donations that come in through Facebook (or any channel, for that matter). But your home page can be tweaked into a powerful tool to quickly engage visitors and make it fast, easy, and secure for them to give. Give it a little polish and see how your visitor-to-donor conversion performance improves.

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Your Turn!

I know you’ve done some cool stuff to promote giving on your home page and website. Share with the Nonprofit Accidental Techie community in the comments below!