Dan’s team runs the digital communications and fundraising programs for a hospital foundation. The organization had been using an all-in-one CRM and digital engagement system for a few years, and no one was happy with it. From seasoned staff to new hires, the entire team had lots of complaints. And the list of issues grew.

A recent staff meeting had surfaced yet another list of problems with the platform, so Dan started to make a plan and budget for a new system in the next fiscal year. He thought it would cost about $70K to move in, configure the new system, and get everyone trained.

When Dan shared his problem list with me, I asked him a radical question: What if you could fix these things without moving? He was speechless! It had never occurred to him that the system wasn’t the root cause of his team’s stress. His bags were already packed and the moving van was running in the driveway.

This Facebook Live session answers the age-old question asked by The Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Your situation may be different than Dan’s. Maybe you really do need to move. But if your system problems are really caused by lack of training or messy business processes, you could move into  a shiny new platform and bring those same old issues right along with you. And that would be a shame.

Start with a frame of curiosity (rather than having your mind made up). You can uncover whether to love it or list it by using my free No Filter Pain Point activity with your team. Grab it now!

Your Turn!

Have you moved into a new system only to discover that you took your problems with you? Share with the Nonprofit Accidental Techie community in the comments below!