Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, or SF NPSP, has taken the nonprofit world by storm. Everywhere I go IRL and online, nonprofit leaders are doing the “should we or shouldn’t we” dance about this CRM (constituent relationship management system). Salesforce is a powerful database that can be configured to do just about anything.

Earlier this year, Salesforce announced some big changes to their business. And one of those changes caught some of us in the nonprofit tech world by surprise: bought! Wait, what? Will they take away the 10 free license program for qualifying nonprofits?

If you’re wondering what this big change might mean for you and your organization, this Facebook Live session is just for you.


As with most things in the nonprofit tech world, change is a normal state. Company A might buy Company B, while Company C changes the business model. So this type of “wait, what?” moment isn’t limited to large businesses. The wise thing to do is pay attention, stay informed, and use the information you’ve got to make a good decision.

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Your Turn!

What have you heard about the big changes to Salesforce? Have you evaluated Nonprofit Success Pack as a potential CRM for your nonprofit? Share your story in the comments below!