You’ve finished a nonprofit technology project – hooray! Somehow you got from the beginning to the (bitter) end. And along the way you probably navigated some shocking truths, blown deadlines, plot twists, and other common hazards.

In addition to the end result (hello new donor management system or brand new website), you figured out what worked and what didn’t. Mostly.  But will you remember these lessons the next time?

Here are three secrets about project management:

  1. Every project is different.
  2. Reflecting on this project will help you manage the next one more easily.
  3. A project debrief meeting can be helpful in three key areas: strategically, operationally, and emotionally.

I’ve got a standard format for a 90-minute debrief meeting that’s designed to uncover the right things. Learn how to run your own debrief meeting in this edition of Facebook Live!

As you can tell, the debrief meeting is really useful. Share the meeting notes with the full project team. Be sure to look at these notes when you’re planning the next nonprofit tech project so you remember what you learned the last time around..

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Your Turn!

Have you made the same project management mistakes over and over? Share with the Nonprofit Accidental Techie community in the comments below and we’ll help you get over that hurdle!